Hello Everyone!  My name is Courtney Sanders, and I am so thrilled to be able to share thoughts and ideas about how to “write on my heart every word”.  For several years, I have been faithfully following a scripture writing plan.   It became a priority and helped me grow spiritually.  I enjoyed and looked forward to “doing my Bible writing!”  I loved it so much that I shared the idea with my Ladies’ Bible Class, and several joined me in writing God’s Word every day.  It brought us closer as a group to know that other sisters in Christ were writing and meditating on the same verses each day.

Then, a recent Bible class really “stepped on my toes and stomped on my heart.”  The speaker went through ten plus scriptures in the New Testament where Jesus was speaking with his followers and started the discourse with “Have ye not read…..?”  He expected his disciples to already know the Old Law.  They didn’t have a copy of it on their coffee table.  No, studying the scrolls and learning the Law of Moses and the prophets took great effort on their part, but He expected them to know what was given aforetime.  I applied that lesson to me – I could search and find the answer if I was asked a question about my faith, but did I truly KNOW God’s Word?  Copying the scriptures was beneficial because it nourished my soul that day, but was I retaining the Word and truly “hiding it in my heart?” (Ps. 119:11)  Whenever I wanted to memorize and study for a test in school, I would rewrite my notes.  Going over things again and again is the way I learned best.

So, I began working on a Scripture Writing Schedule that is centered around one topic per week.  Each week, you have a “memory verse” that you write each day, plus there are supporting scriptures to copy to help you focus on what that verse means.  I’ve included four topics and memory verses on a page to cover a month.  I’m starting out with basic topics such as priorities, the plan of salvation, and the acts of worship.  These are all topics for which we, as Christians should be able to quote “book, chapter, and verse.”  I look forward to hearing from you as we share thoughts and ideas on ways to live for Christ.  I hope this blog will help you “write on your heart every word.”  Courtney

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