Today I stood at the kitchen window watching a squirrel.  There was nothing “special” about this squirrel – it was your average grey backyard kind.  Yet, I noticed a couple of things that “this squirrel” knew.

He was never still.  He was continually moving.  I always heard that as a Christian, “If you stop – you drop!”  We never get to the point when we say, “Okay, Lord – I’ve studied enough.  I’ve prayed enough.  I taught someone the way of obedience, therefore, there’s already a “star in my crown,” so to speak.  No, the apostle Paul told the Philippian brethren in Philippians 3:14 that he had to continually “press on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  He had converted many people to the cause of Christ, but he wasn’t done.  He knew that there was always more that could be done.  Revelation 2:10b doesn’t say, “be thou faithful for fifty years and ye shall receive a crown of life.”  It says, “Be thou faithful until death.”  Like that squirrel, we’ve got to keep moving.  We never get to the point where we can “retire” from bring a Christian.

The squirrel also knew that he needed to prepare today for tomorrow.  He was eating, fattening up for the winter ahead.  We’ve got cold weather predicted this weekend and even without watching the 10:00 weather forecast, he was getting ready.  You know, God has given us the forecast in His Word.  We know that one day, we’ll all stand before the judgment seat and give an account for the deeds that we have done.  Are you doing things to “prepare” for that day?  Are you preparing for a home in heaven?  Are you getting ready for the future?  We’re not promised that the way will be easy, but we are promised that it will be worth it!  As the squirrel knew, we’ve got to keep on,  keeping on.  God Bless,  Courtney

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  1. Wow!!! Best one yet Courtney!!!!

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