I heard the sweetest words today!   I know that I’m not that special, and all other grandparents will agree.  It came from my four year old grandson.  He was just walking through the room, and spontaneously said, “I love you, Gammy.”  Needless to say, I just melted!  I hadn’t seen him since Thanksgiving until today, and I’ve missed him.  I guess he missed me, too.  I know he loves me, but, oh, to hear those sweet words.  What a special relationship grandparents and children have! 

It got me to thinking about our heavenly Father.  He has shown such incredible love for us by giving His son as a sacrifice for us!  Christ suffered and died for us!  The Holy Spirit gave us the Word so that we can know what we need to do so that heaven will one day be our home.  God is sooooo good to us.  Even though He has the ability to “know” all things, I bet He likes to hear us say it.  I could never get tired of hearing, “I love you, Gammy.”  Have you told God that you love Him?  Have you thanked Him for all the things for which you have been blessed?  There’s nothing like hearing those “sweetest words….”  Try it.  God Bless, Courtney

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