Have you ever planned for a party and you think you’ve got everything covered when. . . .the unexpected happens!  Well, this seems to be my weekend!  We’re having parties this weekend, and I mean – PARTIES!  We’re hosting five events in four days.  There will be 75+ people at my house – which is wonderful!  Right?  The house is straightened, the party food is prepared, and the Santas are all ready to meet my guests.  My tree is adorned with it’s 400+ ornaments, and we are so excited to “have company coming.”

Well, we’ve had two of the five events so far.  The first one was a brunch Friday morning.  We were sitting down at the table enjoying a breakfast casserole, fruit salad, and cinnamon rolls, when the electricity goes off.  Yep, I’m not kidding – it’s dark!  Yesterday just happened to be the day that the electric department found time to come to our house and connect the electricity to Steve’s workshop.  We’ve been waiting and longing for this day, but….. Of all days for them to decide to come!  

Today, twenty ladies from our church family met for two or more hours of food, fun, and laughter as I hosted our annual Ladies’ Christmas Party.  Guess what?  The toilet in my guest bathroom started overflowing, and guests ended up mopping the floor!  Crying won’t change anything, so we might as well start laughing.  Of all days…….the best laid plans…

You know, we may think that we’ve got our lives all planned out. Everything will be perfect, but we never know what “unexpected joys” life is going to throw at us.  How we deal with them tells much about who we are.  The Lord didn’t promise us that the way would be easy.  He just promised us that it would be worth it!

So, tonight the Youth Group is coming over…..ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!  God Bless,  Courtney

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  1. Love! 🤣🤣🤣

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