Last night I was privileged to go CHRISTMAS CAROLING with our Youth Group.  I don’t know who had the best time – the people we visited or the teens.  I think it was a win/win situation for all.

The people we sang for seemed to really be touched that the kids came to sing for them.  They were given the opportunity to be reminded that they are loved and thought of often.  They appeared to be thrilled to have “company come by.”  

The young people were also winners.  They were able to bond together as a group of young Christians, lifting their voices in unison in order to ease the loneliness and bring joy.  As the night got longer, the jokes got sillier, and everyone had such a good time.  It was also enjoyable for us “older folks,” who got to watch two generations smile and hug!  Isn’t this what Christmas is all about?  Sharing love, joy, and hugs!

If you haven’t been Christmas caroling lately, it’s not too late – go for it!  You will be a blessing and be blessed!  Courtney

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