Today, Steve and I are celebrating our 38th anniversary! 38 years! It’s hard to believe that I’m that old, much less that I’ve been married that long! Of course, I like to tell people that I was a “child bride!” wink,wink! In today’s society of easy come, easy go marriages, 38 years is a LONG time!

Steve and I pledged at the beginning to “stick with it no matter what.” I often tell him, that he’s stuck with me “until the bitter end!” We took our marriage vows seriously. We survived being the parents of toddlers, teenage daughters, and grown children (which can be the hardest!) Our girls are pretty amazing, and we’re so proud of them. Of course, there’s nothing like being PaPaw and Gammy! Oh, how we love that little boy! It’s the BEST!

We’ve been through the “better or worse”. He survived me having bilateral knee replacement in 2010. Bless his heart – His favorite joke was – “Guess where Courtney is? Right where I left her!” Ha ha! I almost lost him in January, 2015 when a virus attacked his heart, and we sincerely told each other “Bye” as they were carting him off for a procedure. But, God is good, and he recovered. We’ve made it through moves, building a house, and me losing jobs – oh, and menopause! Bless his heart! We’ve enjoyed traveling to Russia on a mission trip, Colorado, Gatlinburg, and how we love to go on cruises!

Marriage takes more than being “in love” – it’s also requires being “in like.” I really like Steve. I like being around him. I still laugh at his horrible jokes. Love can be commanded for in John 13:34, Jesus said, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” You can love someone without liking them, but for a good marriage to last – being “in like” is a necessity. I’m praying that God blesses us with many more years together.

Happy Anniversary to us! God Bless, Courtney

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4 thoughts on “TILL DEATH DO US PART

  1. Happy Anniversary,
    Courtney and Steve!

    Love from way south!

    Dinah and David

    PS Blog is so professional!

  2. Best one yet!

  3. Happy Anniversary.
    So much of a happy marriage is about all the little things that we do for each other, because we love each other.
    Hope you and Steve have many more anniversaries to share.

  4. Excellent blog!! It takes a long time for that true deep lasting love to develop!! But all the ups and downs are worth it and in the end you not only have the love of your life but your best friend as well!! Happy Anniversary!! We will be 38 yrs this coming October too!!! Love you guys!!

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