The thought of “four more days until Christmas” can strike many emotions. For a child who is FINALLY out of school on Christmas break, it means excitement! These next four days will drag on FOREVER! The anticipation, wonder, and magic of the season will have many little ones “being good”, just in case, and several will probably be caught sneaking in to “shake” a present or two. FOUR MORE LONGGGGG DAYS!

On the other hand, four more days can strike panic for the parent who has yet to start shopping. There are cookies to bake for Santa. There are presents to wrap. The house must be cleaned because the in-laws are coming. There are a thousand and one things that need done all at once! ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS!

Then, there are those that don’t have family close by anymore. They will be spending Christmas alone. Everyone else is so happy and excited. How can anyone dread the holiday season? They don’t mean to feel sorry for themselves, but, if only. . . . They bravely put a smile on their face and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, secretly counting down until the holiday is finally over and life can get back to normal. They try to ignore the season. JUST FOUR MORE DAYS!

I think people feel the same way about heaven. There are those who are so excited. They have been baptized. They are faithful Christians doing all that they can to follow His word. They are ready for that Great Day. Then, there are those who panic at the thought. Yes, they want to go to heaven, but NOT anytime soon. They’ve got other things to do at the moment. Once things calm down, they’ll start working on it. They shudder thinking that the Lord may come back soon. Then, there are those who dread it. They know that death is coming, but they don’t know whether they will go to heaven or hell. They’re not making plans. They’re living like it won’t happen to them. They’re in denial that death will come. How would you feel if you were told that you had FOUR DAYS left?

God Bless, Courtney

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