Well, Steve and I started working on making new Christmas traditions tonight!  We decided that “Christmas Eve Eve” will be “our time!”  We put on our pajamas and made homemade hot chocolate on the stove – for the first time ever !  It was like Ma Sanders used to make, and oh, my – instant hot chocolate will never taste “right” again!  It was DELICIOUS!  We opened several presents from each other.  Neither of us can remember opening presents alone before – I’m sure we probably did – who knows what we did B.C. (Before Children)?  That’s been a long time ago.  It was nice.  Then, we turned off all the lights, except for the Christmas tree and watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, “Holiday Inn!”  I think I sat there and grinned for the whole hour and a half or so.

Yesterday, I was bemoaning the fact that things wouldn’t be the same this year. Tonight, I’m thrilled that Steve and I got the chance to start new traditions together.  I am reminded of something that I needed to remember.  Years ago, we went on a mission trip to Russia.  Our favorite saying or motto that trip was “monitor – and adjust.”  Things changed constantly.  We had to be flexible and “go with the flow.”  I needed to remember this motto.  Just because things aren’t the same, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be just as wonderful or even better.  We have to be willing to “monitor – and adjust”. Blessed are the flexible for they are less likely to be bent out of shape.  May you have a flexible Merry Christmas!  God Bless, Courtney

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  1. I needed this!

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