It’s CHRISTMAS DAY! YAY! Finally, little ones have gotten their presents from Santa! In homes everywhere, the final touches of Christmas dinner are coming out of the oven and the house smells so good. Finally, parents who stayed up most of the night putting those “some assembly required” toys together, can relax and perhaps sneak a nap.  The day that we’ve waited for, for so long, has arrived! Finally, all the presents will be opened!

We had a big Christmas at our house. And the cliché is right – the best present is the presence of those we love. No matter how many gifts I opened up, sitting around the dinner table with Steve, my girls, their fellows, and that precious grandson, was the best! We are so rarely all together at the same time that I don’t take these moments for granted. Family – there’s nothing like it!

I think that is why God uses the family as an analogy of the church. There’s nothing like being with family, and He wanted us to have a church family to be there when our physical families can’t be. On Judgment Day, we will finally be able to enter those gates and be surrounded by “family” in the presence of God. What a present that will be! We’ll be home surrounded by family! Finally! God Bless, Courtney

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  1. Love this Courtney, and I so agree with You!!

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