Tonight as Steve and I were eating Christmas dinner left-overs – we commented on how good the Sweet Potato Casserole was this year? I tried to think if I did anything different this time. Ingredients were the same. I never measure the amounts, so I may have added a little extra brown sugar or my chunk of oleo might have been a little larger, but I think I know why it tasted better this year. I was able to make it in my Mother’s “sweet potato bowl.”

My Mother served sweet potato casserole at all major family dinners, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Several years ago, I told Mother that when the time came, I’d like to have that “pink sweet potato” bowl. I never remember it being used at any other time. Last month, she told me that she wanted me to just go on and take it. She didn’t want to break it, knowing that I wanted it one day. Well, this week, I was able to make Sweet Potato Casserole in the beloved old pink dish, and it was the best EVER! What made it so good? It was the love and tradition that had been passed down to the next generation. I’m honored to keep the tradition, and I hope my girls will want to continue it.

Isn’t that what family is all about? God Bless, Courtney

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