Lately on these cold winter nights, I have gone to bed blessing the man who created the electric blanket! A little research shows that Samuel Irwin Russell came up with this idea in 1912. God Bless Him! I usually turn the blanket on and the heat down at night. There’s nothing like getting into a warm bed and being able to immediately “snuggle down!”

I remember in the “old days,” of having to jump into that ice cold bed. You’d slowly, but surely get a “warm spot” and try not to move. Of course, it happened quicker, the more quilts you had on the bed! They were usually quilts that your great-grandmother or grandmother had made and had been passed down through the family. The more the merrier, until you almost couldn’t move for the weight of so many quilts!

As for me, I laid in bed this morning blessing Mr. Russell. The main issue I see with an electric blanket is that sooner or later, you’ve got to GET OUT OF BED! Work beckons and we’ve got to go, but – tonight……I’ll be back! God Bless, Courtney

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