For those of you who know me well, know that the ending to the above sentence isn’t FOOTBALL? I know that there will be MANY who are already getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday. It’s not even, “Are you ready for school tomorrow?” No, my question is even more important – Are you ready for worship tomorrow?

We make sure that our kids get those clothes out, finish their homework and study for their tests, take a bath, etc…..the night before school. School may teach them how to make a living – but, church can teach them how to make a LIFE! Shouldn’t we all prepare for worship? Shouldn’t we prepare ourselves physically by getting that bath or shower and making sure our clothing is as good as it can be. It doesn’t have to be new. It doesn’t have to be “in style”, but it should be as clean as we can get it, and it should be the best that we have. (It drives me crazy that people will dress up for a funeral in honor of a man, but they will wear any old ratty thing they can find when they go to worship and partake of communion in honor of the sacrifice of Jesus. Okay – off my band wagon!) We need to make sure that we go to bed early enough to get adequate sleep, so that we’ll be able to get there ON TIME, and be able to stay awake and actively listen.

We also need to prepare spiritually. The first day of the week was set aside as the Lord’s Day. Do you pray earlier in the week that you’ll be able to worship Him acceptably? Have you done your “homework?” Have you studied your Bible class lesson? Have you made sure that your children have done the same? I have found that people usually get out of worship what they put into it. Are you ready???? God Bless, Courtney

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