One of the favorite stops on our tour of Grand Cayman was the Turtle Center. They had big turtles, little turtles – they even had a crocodile named Smiley! It was just so cool seeing all of those huge sea turtles. I’d never seen anything like it.

We were all given the chance to hold a turtle. Now, I’ll be honest – at first, I wasn’t so sure that this was a life long dream of mine and I thought I’d pass, but you know how peer pressure is when Steve grabs one – I do, too! At first, that turtle flapped his legs ninety to nothing – wiggling so much that it was almost impossible to hang onto. And, then. . .when you stroke it under the chin, it almost started purring! It completely calmed down – so cool!

I really did it!

As all of you know, I collect coffee mugs wherever we go, and I found my favorite at the Turtle Center gift shop. We’ve been home three mornings, and I’ve used it twice already. Oh, I like that it’s striking with black and white turtles, but most of all, I like what it says inside:

Slow down and enjoy life! I think that’s why Steve and I enjoy going on cruises so much because we “unplug” from the internet, we made a pact not to watch the news while we were on the boat, and we spend time reading, playing cards, listening to music, going to shows, and talking.

Have you been going through life furiously flapping around like my turtle friend? In Jesus, you can find the peace that will allow you to slow down and enjoy life! God Bless, Courtney

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