Well, you can’t say that we didn’t try! Steve and I have been battling Type A Flu for over a week. Yet, we had such plans to attend the Freed-Hardeman Lectureship. Yesterday morning, we didn’t feel good, but surely – surely, we’d be better by today. Right? So, we went onto Mother’s in Tennessee. She had cooked homemade chicken and dumplings – Yum, yum! We got to visit with my sister last night. We had as good of a time as we possibly could, considering we’re both still sick.

This morning, we looked at each other and said, “Let’s go HOME!” The heart was willing, but the flesh was weak. There was no way we could walk across that campus. We certainly didn’t want to “share” it with anyone. We were trying so hard to be “well” for the other one. It was such a nice idea, but I am thrilled to say that we are now finally home again. I’ve gotten an antibiotic for my sinus infection, taken my cough medicine, and Sophie Mae and I are snuggled down in the recliner. Steve is already asleep. Andy Griffith is on the TV, and all is right with our world!

I told Steve that I enjoyed the trip – he looked at me like I was crazy. But, even though we were physically miserable, we enjoyed our visit with my Mother and sister. We didn’t get to hear any of the many wonderful speakers at the lectureship, but we enjoyed talking and being together in the car. Plus, at least, we did bring some barbecue home with us, so that’s definitely a plus. There is always a ray of sunshine in all situations. Sometimes you just have to look hard for it! I’m ready for some of that sunshine! How about you? God Bless, Courtney

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