Hurry Up and WAIT!

I had the pleasure of sitting in the Emergency Room last night from a little after 3:00 pm until around 11:30 pm when they finally got us in a room. It was a bunch of Hurry Up! Wait and wait….you get the picture. Steve has been having high abdominal pain all week. It’s happened several times before and a few days of Prilosec did the job – not this time. (Oh, speaking of jobs, I got to go to my first day for a whole three and a half hours when Steve called and said he thought it was time to go to the ER, but that’s a whole other story!). Anyway, after four days of constant pain, we are now making the trip to Cape which is a 2 hour drive. They do blood work, we wait. They do an ultrasound, we wait. They give him happy pain medication- he’s happy, I’m waiting. They come back and now want to do a CT with contrast, we wait. The nurse comes in and says, “The doctor will be in soon,” and we wait. Finally- a diagnosis! He’s got pancreatitis. He gets to have NOTHING to eat or drink by mouth. But he did get his first shot of morphine, and he has those lovely sponges to suck on. We’re in a room with a view of the park! Life is good! God bless, Courtney

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  1. Prayers for you both

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