A Tale of Two Chairs

I just woke up from a two hour nap in my recliner. It was wonderful! It is actually unusual for me to sleep like that in the den. I usually go to bed to take a nap. I got to thinking that while Steve was in the hospital, I “tried” to sleep in a recliner for two nights with little luck. I had a hard time going to sleep, staying asleep, and I woke up feeling like I needed some sleep. What was the difference between my sleepless nights in the hospital recliner and the sweet sleep in my recliner at home?

I think the answer is: “at home.” The hospital chair had one setting – up or down. It was one of those “one size fits all” which actually means “it fits no one just right.” In the hospital, people were constantly coming in and out of the room. I was worried about Steve. Tonight, I’m home! My chair fits just right. Little Miss Sophie Mae was snuggled down beside me. I’ve been battling a cough, stuffy head, and general exhaustion for days, but I believe that I’m finally on my way to being “normal” again. Steve is doing well, and I was able to relax and just fall asleep. Ahh. . .thank you dear chair! Now – it’s time to go to bed – hope I can sleep!

God Bless, Courtney

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