Are you ready for the bad weather? We’re expecting a night of “wintry mix” here in Missouri. Schools were cancelled or got out early. Businesses closed. (Hey, I got to come home early – I’m not complaining!) The grocery store parking lot was FULL! Everyone was preparing for the night! It’s supposed to be 40 tomorrow! But, you’d think that we were all preparing for a “long winter’s nap!”

People go through so much to prepare when there is a winter advisory. Why? Because they believe the weather forecasters. They would rather be “safe, than sorry.” I wonder why folks don’t get excited and prepared for judgment day. It’s been forecasted. It’s coming. Are you getting ready? Have you followed God’s plan of salvation? Do you get excited about getting to worship with God’s family? Are you preparing yourself in this life for the life to come in eternity? Do you want to be “safe, than sorry” or are you thinking that you’ve got time to get your life right? “I’m not going to die anytime soon! I can “get religion” when I’m old.” It’s true that the old do die, but the young can die. Are you prepared? God Bless, Courtney

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