We’ve had an aquarium for almost a year. When we finally broke down and got a big screen TV (for some reason, we couldn’t read the guide from our recliners across the room anymore?), it left a huge hole in my built-in bookcase and entertainment center. Steve happened to mention that an aquarium would look good there – and that was all it took! Two weeks later – Ta Da! I have enjoyed my aquarium so much! It reminds me of the one my Memom had when I was little. I just love watching the fish – they have personalities! They really do! (even though my family thinks I’m a little crazy!) Anyway, I have been so conscientious about keeping my aquarium clean. Every couple of weeks, I’d vacuum the rocks, scrub the decorations, and try my best to clean the greenery. We tried real plants, but there isn’t enough natural light for them to grow – so plastic was my only option.

After being gone on a cruise for a week, coming home to a week with the flu, and then spending the next week with a sinus infection and two nights in the hospital with Steve, my poor fish have been neglected. I’ve never gone so long between cleanings. So, I tried to clean the grass and plants, but I soon came to the realization that sometimes, you just need to throw them away and start over! So, I ordered all new stuff! I’m so pleased with how it looks, and oh, the fish seem to be so happy! I’ve got three that are “in the family way”, so now I have lots of places for tiny babies to hide, so they won’t be “lunch!” It’s so pretty!

When people first learn the truth about God’s Word, they often try what I did. They try to “clean up their act.” They want to live the Christian life, but they still want to “live in the world,” too. They try to “walk on both sides of the fence.” But, the Lord provided the plan of salvation to help us “take the plunge,” so to speak. By hearing, believing, repenting and turning away from the world, He wants us to confess His name before others. We all know that when you tell others your intent, you’re more likely to keep it up. Then, the final act of baptism actually washes away our sins. Like my aquarium, you can try to clean up your old life, but sometimes, you’ve just got to start fresh with a “clean slate!” I’m so thankful that the Lord provided a way for us “start over!” Aren’t you? God Bless, Courtney

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