Sweetheart Banquet

I had the privilege today to help our Youth Group prepare and host a Sweetheart Banquet for our Senior members. The teens spent hours decorating, making salad and strawberry parfaits this afternoon, to go along with the spaghetti, glorified green beans, and French bread dinner. It was all a huge success! Over fifty folks – young and old came together to just celebrate being a “church family.”

It was refreshing to see young people who were so excited over the opportunity to serve our older members. They were there – ready to work! Many of us “older ones” need to get that youthful enthusiasm back when it comes to serving others. Instead of asking, “What do I need to do?” We should ask, “What needs to be done?”

It was also nice seeing our older members – treated! Oh, how they deserve it! They are examples of what it means to be a Christian. It was good for the young people to see them laughing and having a good time! There was no generation gap evident tonight – just a church family enjoying being together. I believe it was just a taste of what heaven will be like. God Bless, Courtney

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  1. Don’t know what I would’ve done without my church family when I moveed back home after 20+ years. The way they welcomed me back with open arms was like I’d never left. ❤

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