It’s Not Just Lunch . . .

I just got finished eating lunch. This is one meal that I’m not used to eating. I normally drink a couple of large Yeti cups of coffee throughout the day, perhaps snacking a little bit, but formally sitting down to eat lunch is unusual for me.

At my new job, I have a whole hour free for lunch. The time has come in handy a couple of days this week when I had errands to run, but today. . . Well, I’ve been thinking about the young boy in Matthew 14:13-21 who was willing to share his lunch of 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread. I imagine this child’s lunch had been prepared and packed by a loving parent or grandparent that morning. It was just enough to fill him up that day. Yet, when Jesus’ disciples asked if anyone had any food, this child jumped at the chance to help. He willingly gave his home packed lunch to Jesus, and after praying over it, Jesus broke off pieces and gave them to his disciples to pass out to the people. 5000 men, not counting women and children were fed with 12 baskets of food left over! What a miracle!

The boy is considered by most to be the hero of the story, and righty so because of his willingness to share what he had. But I’m also impressed with the parents who raised such a child. The characteristic of enthusiastically sharing to help others, I believe is something that this young boy had seen others do. Are we teaching our children and grandchildren to be generous? Are you a Christian example in enthusiastically sharing what you have with others?

Sometimes, it’s not “just” lunch! God bless, Courtney

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