Why Did You Start in the First Place?

I read an interesting quote the other day that has really made me think. It said, “When you think about quitting, remember why you started!” Profound, isn’t it? It hit home with me. So, how many times have you “started” a diet? How many times did you “start” reading the Bible all the way through? How many times did you put that first $20 bill in an envelope, planning on adding to it each pay day, but then, one day – you find that envelope in a drawer and guess what? It still has a $20 dollar bill in it and you’re thrilled to find some cash! How many of you “started” an exercise program on New Year’s Day?

How are all of those plans going? What makes us stop trying and give up? If you’re like me, you have the best of intentions and always start out strong, and then. . . I slip back in my old ways. I need to print that quote up and hang it on the refrigerator! Remember = why did I start in the first place? I definitely need to lose a few pounds. I’d feel better. If I kept up with the “savings” plan, maybe, I could pay a bill off and be that much closer to getting out of debt. Before you quit – think about why you started in the first place! Does that reason still exist?

Some people get so excited (and rightfully so!) when they learn the truth and are baptized into the church. They are there every time the church doors are open. They have so many questions and are on fire, talking to their friends about the church. Then, a few months later, someone asks them to go to a ballgame on Sunday or perhaps it’s opening day weekend of hunting season, and they slowly try to make excuses as to why it’s okay to miss worshiping with their church family. They don’t mean to start drifting away, but the devil and the world are working hard on them. This is the time to get “back to the Word”, remembering how Christ died on the cruel cross of Calvary to make a way for us to go to heaven! Before you quit, remember why you started in the first place! God Bless, Courtney

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