Mr. Robin’s Song. . .

As I was walking into work this morning, I heard a bird chirping loud and clear. There was a robin singing his heart out I the tree in front of the building. It was just lovely! Even though the temp was cold, the sun was shining! After so many dreary, rainy days, I’m not taking God’s gift of a sunny day for granted!

Of course I can’t actually “know” what Mr. Robin was singing, but to me it was a song of hope! “Don’t give up! There are brighter days ahead!” I know that many are struggling with flood waters right now. Maybe you’ve got a foot of snow on the ground, or perhaps you’re having a tough time financially after finding out that you owe taxes this year. Whatever you’re going through right now, please, remember Mr. Robin’s song of hope. I’m so thankful that I was serenaded this morning! Hang in there, spring is just around the corner! God Bless, Courtney

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