The Church – It Doesn’t Belong to Me! I Can’t Change a Single Thing!

We’re having a gospel meeting this week at the Doniphan Church of Christ with Brother Don Blackwell. His sermon on Sunday really made me think! He made the point that in Matthew 16:18, Jesus said, “. . Upon this rock I will build MY Church. . “. It belongs to Him. He decided how He wanted it organized with local elders leading the flock. He decided the acts of worship – teach, sing, pray, give and partake of the Lord’s Supper every Sunday. He decided the plan of salvation which must be followed before He adds you to His church. Remember- it belongs to him.

How would you feel if you came home and your houseguest was knocking down a wall or painting your living room a horrible color? You would be angry because that’s YOUR house. No one else has the right to go in and start changing things, without your approval. In the same way, who are we to decide that even though acapella music is what’s authorized, we sound better with an organ or a band accompanying us? What if we’ve got plans on Sunday, and we prefer worshiping on Monday this week. Can we do what we think is best?

Do we have the right to change something that doesn’t belong to us? If you want to know what an owner wants done, you’ve got to ask HIM! I’m so thankful that God gave us the Bible – His Word, which tells us what HE wants. The church belongs to Him – He gave His precious blood for it. He paid the price- are you studying His Word to make sure that you’re doing what He wants? Times may change, but His Word will stand forever (Isaiah 40:8; Matthew 25:35). May we continue to search His Word to make sure that we are following His will. God Bless, Courtney

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1 thought on “The Church – It Doesn’t Belong to Me! I Can’t Change a Single Thing!

  1. Excellent. Great example of what the Lord wants us to do. I look forward everyday to reading your post.

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