Optimistic? Or Misty Optics?

Are you a “The glass is half full kind of person or a the glass is half empty kind of person?” It makes a difference. Some people tend to look on the positive side while others – well, not so much.

Christians should be in the first category. We have had our sins washed away! We are part of God’s family – how can we not be optimistic? We’ve got heaven in our future – what can be better than that? The Christian life is one of joy. God doesn’t want His children to go around sad and frowning- He wants us to be positive enough in our faith that others will see our lives and want to know more about Him because of us.

May you be known for being optimistic and not having misty optics! Oh, and don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour before bedtime tonight. Just think – you’re not losing an hour of sleep- you’re missing an hour of RAIN! That’s optimism! Lol! God Bless, Courtney

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