Parenting Adult Children. . . Whew!

I think one of the hardest “jobs” I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing is being the parent to adult children! You know what I mean? As a parent, you still want to guide them “in the way they should go,” but since they’re adults- there’s NOTHING you can do about the choices that they make. So, what can you do?

First and always, you can pray for them. Pray for the friends that may influence them. Pray that they will remember who they are and where they came from.  Pray that they will remember that you are praying for them every single day.

Next, you can listen to them. Even when you don’t agree, it’s good to know where they’re coming from. You can learn so much by listening.

Now, the hard part – sometimes you just have to keep your opinions to yourself and be an example of what “adulting” is all about! You have to keep your mouth shut!  You don’t always have to be “right.” (even when you think you probably are). They may prove you wrong.  It happens!

While it’s hard parenting adult children, it’s also such a blessing to see them happy, working in jobs that they love.  Steve and I have two beautiful grown daughters, Dianne and Susan.  We’re so proud of them!  God Bless all parents of adults!  Courtney

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