What Kind of Friend Are You Looking For?

I used to think that if I was looking for a new friend, I’d try to find someone like me. You know, someone who likes what I like and does what I do. But, I’ve changed my mind (I am a woman, after all – isn’t that my prerogative?Right? LOL!) I’ve decided that I don’t need a friend just like me – I need to find a friend that is BETTER than I am!

I want to find a friend who is smarter than I am – someone who is more educated or more experienced than me. Then, I can learn something new! I want to be around people who challenge my ideas and make me think “outside of the box.” I want a friend who is kinder than I am. I want to learn new ways to show compassion to others. Can we ever be too kind? There must be a million ways that I could learn.

Most of all, I want a friend who loves the Lord as much or more than I do. I want someone who prays before making major decisions, and someone who loves to worship and is doing all that they can to live in such a way to be pleasing to God. I want a friend that will lead me to “dig deeper” into God’s Word. What kind of friend are you looking for? God Bless, Courtney

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