Seven Days Without Christ. . .

I’ve heard teachers talk about it in the past- it’s almost not worth being gone a couple of days because you’ve got to get your lesson plans all ready before you go and then you play “catch-up” the next week after you get back! Me, being out of the office a couple of days this week wasn’t that big a deal. But, what I did miss was not feeling well enough to go to Bible class Wednesday night. I know that many don’t feel like you have to go to church on Wednesday nights – it’s not specifically spelled out in the Bible. But there are examples of New Testament Christians gathering to worship whenever they could. As the overseers, the elders in each congregation can decide what is best for their church family. If they decided that Tuesday night was a better night, then, we’d need to be there on Tuesday nights. If we’re hosting a gospel meeting, we should try to be there. Any time the church gathers, we should try our best to join them. I hate missing-It messes everything up! Do you feel that way?

I once heard, “Seven days without God makes one weak!” That mid-week Bible study is important! You can’t “catch-up” on the singing and fellowship that you missed! God Bless! Courtney

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