In Case You Were Wondering. . .

Did you wear green today on March 17th? My four year old grandson sure was looking to make sure I had green on! Getting caught without wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is cause for a pinch! Ever wonder why? Rumor is – it’s an American tradition – not an Irish one! Leprechauns would supposedly pinch anyone not wearing green, so pinching someone first – well, it was just the nice, neighborly way to warn them and remind them to watch for leprechauns! Right? Who knew?

Of course, since there are no such things as leprechauns, if you forgot to wear green today, you were safe (unless you have a four year old grandson!). When I asked Aiden why I had to wear green today, he said, “Because it’s a thing, Gammy, and I get to pinch you if you don’t!” So – now you know! God Bless, Courtney

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