Monday’s. . .

There’s one thing you can say about Mondays – barring the Lord’s return – they come around about every seven days! I don’t know of ANYONE who says that Monday is their favorite day of the week! Do you? Poor Monday!

Monday is the second day of the week, following the Lord’s Day. Sundays are so special that I guess they’re a hard act to follow! Poor Monday!

Monday marks the return to school or work for most of us. It’s the day to “get back in the swing” of things. It’s the most popular day of the week to try to stop smoking or go on a diet. Of course, Tuesday is the most likely day to go back to the same ole, same ole – but, we won’t go there! Monday is a great day to start a project. It’s really a good day to start anything! Have you started the Scripture Writing Schedule yet? I had one follower from Tobago (as in Trinidad and Tobago) write to tell me it’s a great way to get “the Word” in your head! I’m honored that she’s started a Scripture Writing Group with the ladies at her congregation. How cool is that!

So, you see, this may be a great Monday for you! Here in Missouri- the sun is shining! God is good! Hello, Monday! Welcome! God bless, Courtney

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