Aiden Says. . .

Aiden, our four year old grandson has been out of Pre-K on Spring Break and we’ve been blessed to have him spend the week with us! It’s definitely been an interesting week! I’ve learned several things this week.

A four year old is never still. How I’d like to harness some of that energy! He never “walks” anywhere – no, he is always running. He says that he’s in a hurry! He is also constantly talking, and talking, and talking. Did you know that your ears could hurt?

He just said something that I bet we’ve all thought before – He was thinking it was time for someone to fix him some strawberries and ice cream. I said, “You need to stop being so impatient!” He said, “I’m not impatient! I just want some strawberries and ice cream right now!” I wonder how many of us feel that way? We just want what we want when we want it!

He’s really been a joy! He’s going to go home wanting to watch “those alligator hunters,” that “Forged in Fire”, and the “Real McCoys!” He has such a kind heart. He’s quick to apologize if he thinks that he’s hurt your feelings. And, oh, he is so generous with the “I love you, PaPaw and Gammy!” There’s not another feeling like it.

Oh – and we got our Gummi Bears! God Bless, Courtney

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