It’s Over!

Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful day! Day I will never forget! Today was our Doniphan Church of Christ’s Ladies’ Day! I believe all that came were blessed for being there.

First of all, a lovely breakfast with doughnuts, fruit salad, pumpkin bread, juice and COFFEE was enjoyed by all. Then, the Young Ladies’ Wednesday night Bible class held our devotional. Five teenage girls spoke on Cleaning Out Your Mouth, Polishing Your Mirror, Cleaning Out Your Heart, the Green (of envy), and Your Ears. Four young ladies read scriptures. It was so encouraging to see these young people serving the Lord.

Since our theme was “It’s Time for Spring Cleaning of the Soul,” five of our ladies spoke on the topics included Selfishness, Worldliness, Worry, Depression/Negativity, and Fear. The topic that I chose was “Holding Grudges.” It was one of the most interesting talks that I’ve every done. It’s something that we all struggle with, and I hope that I did it justice. It took a lot of soul searching and prayer.

We finished with a lovely luncheon in our fellowship hall. The decorations were adorable! The food was delicious! And if you went home hungry – it was your fault! For gifts for our guests, there was a table full of cleaning supplies from which everyone could choose. If only a maid to come home with you and use that cleaning supply was included! Oh well. . .

Gifts that we all can use!

I’d like to thank my dear church family for all of their hard work to make a day like this happen. I’d also like to thank those who took the time to come! I know that you were blessed. I appreciate everyone who signed up to follow my blog. Please, feel free to share any blog posts and/or Scripture Writing Schedules – to God Be the Glory! God Bless, Courtney

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