Those Friday Nights. . .

Well, I guess it’s official – I’m getting old! Last night, I laid in bed thinking about how exciting Friday nights used to be. When I was in school – it was the night to go to the ballgame or enjoy a movie at the Luez Theater. It was also the night that a friend might “spend the night” or I might be invited to a “slumber party”, but either way – Friday nights were the only night of the week that I could stay up late! Yep – no curfew on Friday nights because I didn’t have to get up early in the morning. It was the night I looked forward to each week.

Well, last night was Friday night. After work, I had to go by the store to get groceries, and I decided that it was a good night to pick up pizza for supper. I got home, put on my pajamas and caught myself falling asleep in my chair. So, here I was laying in bed, thinking, “Finally, it’s bedtime!” Then, I looked at my clock and realized that it was 9:30 pm! Did you get that? 9:30 pm! So much for making big plans for Friday night. I thought I must be getting old – that is – until this morning, when I woke up and realized that I’d forgotten to take my contact out last night! Tired and forgetful? Now, I know it must be true. Oh well, what can I say? Thank you, Lord for the good night’s sleep! God Bless, Courtney

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