Hallelujah! I Found It!

Have you ever searched and searched for something that was literally “right under your nose?” For the past month, I’ve been searching for the serial number on my grand piano. “They all have one” – I was told. It’s the only way to know how old it is,” they said. It could be in one of several places. Well, you can say that again! For weeks, I have looked for this “magical number.” Dianne helped me look. Steve helped me look. I searched the internet for possible places that it might be. Guess what? It wasn’t anywhere that it “should” have been. No, that would be too easy. Finally, yesterday, Steve and I started taking anything that came off without undoing the screws. The top (which is laid down in the picture) where the music sits – comes off! Who knew? We took it off, laid it on the piano bench, and got out the flashlights, to once again search for that number. Suddenly, I turned around and there it was – on the bottom of the piece that we took off! If it was a snake – it would have bit me! It was right under my nose the whole time!

I thought of the woman in the parable in Luke 15 who had ten coins and lost one. She searched her house high and low until she found it. Then, she called her friends and neighbors over to rejoice with her because she found that which was lost. So – rejoice, my friends! I found it! By the way – the piano was made sometime between 1900-1905! How cool is that! God Bless, Courtney

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1 thought on “Hallelujah! I Found It!

  1. I miss that piano!

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