Turtles, Turtles Everywhere!

If you’ve been driving this week, you’ve probably seen a turtle trying to cross the road as they search for mates and as females search for nesting sites. They are EVERYWHERE!

When we went to Grand Cayman in January, we visited the Turtle Center. They are quite interesting creatures who move slowly, but surely, carrying their house on their backs! I got the chance to hold a turtle and that thing wiggled and twisted as hard as it could to jump out of my hands – that is, until I rubbed it under the neck. It instantly calmed down. If it had been a cat, it would have purred! All it took was “the right touch.”

In the same way, a frazzled, weary soul might fight for a while when he learns of the truth. It can be hard to surrender our will for the Lord’s. Change is difficult, but with obedience, the touch of the Master’s hand will guide us to peace. So, slow down and watch for turtles. God Bless, Courtney

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