A Mission Statement. . .

Many years ago in the front of my Bible, I wrote a mission statement. What’s that? Well, in case you never watched Jerry McGuire, it’s a formal summary of the aims or values of a company, organization, or individual. It’s kinda like a motto for my life. My Mission Statement and prayer is: “Lord, help me to BE good and to DO good.”

First of all, I want to be good. I remember telling the girls before I left for the day – “Now, be good.” What does that actually mean? Are you the kind of person that is known for kindness, hard work, and as a good Christian example? Are you sincere, trustworthy, and loyal? Can friends count on you to be there for them? What are you putting in your mind? I always heard, “Garbage in – garbage out.” Are you watching “garbage” for entertainment? Is the book you’re currently reading, something spiritually beneficial or are you filling your mind with curse words and sinful situations? In our society, those who are “bad” get the most publicity. The more outrageous one is, the more well-known they are because everyone seems to want their time in the spotlight. It is popular to be a “bad girl.” But, just think about how wonderful it would be if everyone was trying to “be good!”

The second part of my mission statement is that I want to do good. I want to spend my life helping others. I want to reach out with my time, as well as financially helping as I can. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for someone else is just listen. If we pay attention to the details, we can always find that special way to help someone else. We don’t have to give thousands of dollars to charity to “do good.” Opening the door for someone, calling to check up on someone – that’s doing good, but the best thing that you can do is teach someone the truth! The rewards are literally “out of this world!”

Lord, help us all to be good and do good on this earth so that heaven will one day be our home. God Bless, Courtney

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