The Clothes Can Wait. . .

Aiden got to spend a couple of nights with PaPaw and Gammy this weekend. It was so wonderful to have him home, but by last night, I knew that he was getting sick. His nose was stuffed up and he said that his throat hurt, so I’ve spent many hours sitting in the recliner, holding him. My clothes didn’t get washed today, but you know – they’ll still be there on Monday. Today was all about holding Aiden. It won’t be many more years and he won’t be able to sit in my lap. It won’t be many more years and he won’t want to sit in my lap! So, today – I’m thankful to be Aiden’s Gammy, and thrilled to find out he’s got an ear infection and nothing contagious!

I always heard it said that if “I’d known how wonderful being a grandparent was – I would have skipped being a parent!” Now, I know what they meant. There is nothing like being a grandparent. You think that you couldn’t love another child more than you loved your own children, but there is a special bond between grandparent and grandchild. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for that boy. This morning, he wrapped me around his finger a little tighter when he said, “Gammy, snuggling is our ‘thing’, isn’t it?” Yep, for as long as possible! God Bless you, Aiden! Gammy hopes you feel better soon, and God Bless all grandparents, Courtney

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