I Once Complained. . .

Have you been known to complain? Would others say that you were a “griper” or an “encourager?” There are some days that it’s so easy to start complaining about every little thing – the coffee was too cold, the sun was too bright, the only parking spot available was parallel parking (that was me, today! Whew!)

When I realized that here I was complaining about having to parallel park, I turned it around in my mind. Hey – at least I found a parking spot! And I had sunglasses, and could heat up my coffee, too. It all depends on whether we look at things as a challenge or a burden. I remember hearing a quote years ago that has made such an impact on my life. It said, “I once complained because I had no shoes – until I met a man who had no feet!” Think about it – are things really that bad?

May we all realize that we’ve been blessed in so many ways and thank God for taking such good care of us. God Bless, Courtney

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