Ahh. . .the Simple Pleasures

I laid in bed this morning, listening to the rain on our metal roof. It sounded so good. It got me to thinking about other simple pleasures in this world – things like: walking barefoot in freshly mowed grass, watching the sunrise over the mountains, and enjoying a “home-cooked” meal. Have you taken the time to “smell the roses” lately? Did someone hold the door open for you lately? Do we take these simple pleasures and acts of kindness for granted?

You know – a rich life has nothing to do with money. A smile is free – it doesn’t cost a dime, but oh how encouraging it can be to one who is struggling. Do we take our families for granted? Do we let them know that we love them and appreciate them? The thing I look forward to each time my girls come home is a hug. When they got to be teenagers, and did that “stiffening up thing” when I went to hug them, I told them that they would never be too big for me to hug! So, basically, I hugged them when they liked it and when they didn’t like it – but you know what? They hug me first now! Ahh. . . what a simple pleasure, but it means so much.

Have you thanked God for the “little things” lately? The flowers are blooming. The rain is making the grass grow – how I love to see a hay field with those big round bales scattered throughout the field. God has given us such a beautiful world. Take the time and enjoy the simple pleasures. God is so good – He’s so good to me. God Bless, Courtney

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