The Hokey Pokey. . .

Last night, I had the honor and the privilege to attend Aiden’s Pre-school Graduation. It was adorable! The children all marched out with their caps on their heads – so solemn. Then, they entertained us by performing several songs before they got their diplomas and medals. Oh, my – it was fun!

Aiden James Pickens (top right)

One of the songs that they sang was “The Hokey Pokey.” It has been years since I heard that song. It’s the one where you put your “right foot in, and take your right foot out. You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about – that’s what it’s all about!” You go through several body parts until the last verse when you “put your whole self in.” It got me to thinking how that’s exactly what God expects of us – He wants us to put our “whole selves” in to living the Christian life. We can’t straddle the fence and put just part in – we have to do it with all that we have. Caleb and Joshua were able to enter the promised land because they “wholly followed the Lord.” (Numbers 32:12)

The rich young ruler came to Jesus asking, “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus replied that he should follow the commandments – do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, etc. . . He replied, “All of this I have done from my youth up.” Then Jesus saw the one thing that he lacked, and told him to “Sell all that thou hast, distribute it to the poor, and come and follow me.” This story has such a sad ending – the young man went away sorrowful, for he had great riches.” (Luke 18:18-23) He was only willing to go so far – he wasn’t willing to “put his whole self in!” Are you? Think about it. God Bless, Courtney

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