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Hello Everyone, I’m changing some things on my webpage, so if you have any trouble finding something – please, let me know. At the top of the home page, I’ve added a “Momma Said. . .” category where you can find all of the “Momma Said. . .” posts – I’m up to nine as of today. The recipes are listed under the categories of: Snacks, Salads, Casseroles/Soups, and Desserts. The Scripture Writing Schedules are there – I’m working on getting them in the right order. Bear with me – the poor Word Press Support folks know me well!

Hopefully, all of this will make the page easier to navigate. To follow me, it’s a black button at the bottom of the Homepage or a blue button at the bottom of every post. All you have to do is put in your email address – and you’ll be notified whenever a new post is published. There is also a “Leave a Reply” comment box at the bottom of every post – How I’d love to get some comments! Unless you “Like” a post or make a comment, I have no way of knowing if what I’m writing is beneficial in some way. If you like a particular post – please, share it!

Thanks for your support! I appreciate you! God Bless, Courtney

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