Talk to Each Other? How?

I spent all day today in a training for my new job. We had about a ten minute break before the pizzas were to be delivered for lunch. The instructor said that it would give us a few minutes to talk and get to know each other. After about five minutes, I noticed that NO ONE was talking. Every single person – over 20 in all were glued to their cell phones. This reminded me of a sign that I saw a couple of weeks ago in Gatlinburg. I thought it was funny then – but, now. . .

In so many ways, technology is holding us back instead of moving us forward. I think of the children who sit at the table in restaurants while their parents are glued to their phones. I think of people – and not just teenagers – who are so tempted and give in to checking their Twitter or Facebook accounts during worship services. What kind of example are they being? And – at the meeting today, I didn’t meet one person that I didn’t go up and introduce myself to and ask where they were from. Have we forgotten how to communicate with each other? Children have phones to play games on – even in the car. Have we forgotten the joys of looking out the window and counting flags or writing down license plates? Have you read any books to your child lately? Do they know how to play “I Spy?”

While technology is a marvelous thing – why, I wouldn’t have a blog without a computer and the internet. Still, we need to remember that nothing can take the place of a word, wisely spoken or a badly needed hug. How long has it been since you’ve opened the “Good Book?” God so loved the world – yes, people – that He gave His beloved Son. May we remember Who comes first – You can’t take your phone with you to heaven, but you can take those that you love. God Bless, Courtney

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  1. Awesome

  2. WOW–so true–and so sad!!

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