Aiden Says. . . “Oh, My – What Now?”

So I got a message from our next door neighbor the other day, asking what kind of dog our “Buddy” was. He is a black lab/Australian shepherd mix. He has a Merle coat which Aiden describes as “Camo.” Well, it seems that our Buddy has been friendly and neighborly lately (I mean – he is the preacher’s dog!). He’s been visiting their “Tillie” and she recently had seven “speckled, splotchy” puppies! They are without a shadow of a doubt – Buddy’s puppies. We went to West Plains last night to see David and Dianne’s new house, and ended up bringing Aiden home with us. Evidently, it’s tough getting anything done with a five year old “helping.” Anyway, we were telling Aiden in the car that Buddy had fathered some puppies next door. He got quiet for a few moments (You could hear the wheels turning), he excitedly asked, “You mean, Buddy has a wife and kids?”

Well, I’m not up to going into “that” conversation, but it did tell me that Dianne has done a wonderful job with this boy! Without a shadow of a doubt – Aiden assumed that if Buddy and Tillie had children, they must be married. That’s what a family is! So many in today’s society, have a different concept of what constitutes a home. Parents should take care of their children, physically and spiritually. Aiden said, “Buddy needs to go over there and check on his puppies.” He’s right, parents do have an obligation to “bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4)

We stopped next door after church today to see the puppies. The neighbors just smiled when Steve innocently asked, “What makes you think these puppies might be Buddy’s?” Ha Ha – there is definitely no doubt. That is one litter of speckled, splotchy puppies! Now, Aiden is trying to figure out how to talk his Ma and Mr. David into letting him have one of those “adorable dogs – they’re Buddy’s children!” I’m not getting in the middle of that one! God Bless us all! Courtney

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