Aiden Says. . . “You can always. . .”

So the sound of silence reigns again in the Sanders’ household. Our grandson Aiden went to his Dad’s tonight after services. After having a five year old in the house for the past five days – a five year old that NEVER runs out of things to say – well, it’s hard to believe how deafening silence can be.

One of the things he said his first night here has stuck with me all week. On Saturday night, when he was getting out of the bathtub, he said, “Gammy, I’ll get my “office stuff” out and work while you do your Bible writing.” I answered, “Honey, I did my Bible writing this morning – I’ve already done my studying.” He then innocently said, “But you can study some more.” Bang! From the mouth of babes comes such wisdom.

Can we ever study too much? Will we ever get to where there is nothing else to learn from God’s Word? No! Aiden was so right – we can always study some more. I can read the same scripture dozens of times, and yet, every time, something new comes to light. We just need to make sure that we are “rightly dividing the Word of God.” (II Timothy 2:15) Are we reading the “old law” or the “new law?” Who is doing the talking? And more importantly – who is the message meant for? We need to discern the context. What kind of language is being used – literal or figurative? We can always learn more.

Yes, once again, I was “put in my place” by a five year old. May I never forget this lesson – “You can always study some more.” God Bless, Courtney

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  1. Amen!! Aiden is so right–we Can always study more–and should!!

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