That “Ole’ Time Religion!”

I got to thinking back recently to some of the old hymns that we used to sing. Almost 47 years ago on the night that I went forward to be baptized, the invitation song was “God Is Calling the Prodigal.” I can’t remember the last time we sung that song in worship. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love some of the new devotional songs we now sing, but why don’t we sing some of the older ones? Do they “not fit in” with our modern way of thinking? Have we gotten a little “politically correct” in our worship without even thinking about it?

Back in the day, we used to “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus,” and look forward to the day “When We All Get To Heaven.” We used to sing about the “Royal Banner” and encourage each other in our daily battles with “Onward Christian Solders,” but war and fighting battles are not popular in our society. Do you remember that haunting song about the “All Seeing Eye Watching You?” That song makes us uncomfortable because well, we’d just as soon God turn His head from time to time. We don’t like to think about Him being able to see everything that we do. What about “Ere You Left Your Room This Morning, Did You Think to Pray?” That one has stomped on my toes a few times. Do we sing about that “Blessed Assurance?” Maybe it’s because we no longer have to “Gather at the River.” We have heated baptistries now. Does “The Old Rugged Cross” make you cry? Do you still know the words to “Amazing Grace” and “Rock of Ages?”

We must continue to “Send the Light,” “Throw Out the Lifeline,” and “Work Til Jesus Comes.” Jesus is still that “Lily of the Valley.” “Will Jesus Find Us Watching?” when He comes again. If so, “Oh, For a Home With God,” we’ll have “Victory in Jesus!” God Bless, Courtney

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6 thoughts on “That “Ole’ Time Religion!”

  1. I had never heard Theres an All Seeing Eye until I moved to West Plains. Not only is it a creepy song, I dont like the alto part!

  2. Thanks–I still love those old songs an know the words to most of them!

  3. Kathryn Riggan July 6, 2019 — 11:24 am

    I know every one of those songs. We don’t sing them much anymore. They really bring back memories. Thanks for the thoughtful recall of the past.

  4. I was just thinking a few days ago about the great songwriters of the past and the beautiful, meaningful words they wrote.

  5. Very good…thanks

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