What Did You Learn Today?

This may be a strange “Momma Said . .” post, but one thing I asked my girls most days, usually when I was picking them up from school, was “What did you learn today?” Yes, caring parents are interested in what happens in their children’s lives. I found that if you ask, “How was your day?” The answer would inevitably be, “Fine.” But – asking, “What did you learn today?” would result in an actual conversation. With teenagers – this is especially important!

You know, God is our Father. What if He asked you at the end of every day, “What did you learn today?” Would you be able to tell Him about a scripture that you read today that made you think? Would you be able to tell Him about a sermon you heard or what your Bible class was about? Did you experience pain or sorrow? Did you learn that sometimes you just need to keep your mouth shut? Did you make wise decisions today or did unwise decisions teach you a better way to handle things? Did you learn anything that will draw you closer to God and help you go to heaven? God, your heavenly Father cares.

He not only wants to know how your day was, but “What did you learn today?” God Bless, Courtney

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