Roll, the Gospel Chariot Along

Aiden is spending a few nights with us this week which is always enlightening. Oh, to have the energy of a five year old! I swear that my ears hurt – that boy sure loves to talk! But, he also likes to sing! He was telling me about his Bible class tonight. Evidently, his favorite song was “Roll, the Gospel Chariot Along.” You remember that Children’s Sunday School Song – it’s where you roll your hands forward. If a brother is in the way – we will “Stop and pick him up.” If a sinner is in the way, we will stop and pick him up, but – – if the devil is in the way, we will ROLL RIGHT OVER HIM!”

You know, we as adults need to act the same. Are you willing to help your brothers and sisters in Christ who have needs? If you see a “sinner in the way,” are you willing to reach out and teach them where they are or are you satisfied in keeping “house” and thinking that the church building has been there for a number of years and if sinners want to learn the truth, they know where to come?

And oh, that devil! I’m reminded of the story of the man who was hiking up in the mountains when he encountered a “talking snake,” who asked the man, “Please, will pick me up and carry me down the mountain where it is warmer? I’ll die up here.” The man answered, “Why would I pick you up? You’re a snake! You’ll bite me!” But, the snake persisted, swearing that he wouldn’t bite the man if only he would pick him up and carry him down to safety. Eventually, the man agreed, he picked the snake up, put the snake in his pocket, and carried him down the mountain. When they reached the bottom, the man reached into his pocket to take the snake out, when the snake bit his hand. The man yelled out, “You promised that if I brought you down the mountain, you wouldn’t bite me!” To which the snake answered, “You knew what I was, when you picked me up!” Think about it! When the devil appears in your life, promising wealth, power, and happiness – we need to “resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7b)

When the devil is in the way, will you “roll right over him?” God Bless, Courtney

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