So, I enjoyed a FOUR hour training at work today. Okay – so enjoyed is probably not the best word to describe my afternoon, but I did get a couple of good blog ideas from it! I think my favorite is an acronym that I’ve never heard before. It’s Q-TIP! Is that a new one for you? It stands for “Quit Taking It Personally!” I love it!

It seems like you can’t say anything in today’s society that doesn’t offend someone, and because they’re offended – that means you shouldn’t say it anymore. When did we get so touchy? Our country was built on the principle of freedom of speech. But now, if what you say is not what I would say, then – you shouldn’t say it! How is that freedom? You know, opinions are like noses – everybody has one! And while they may be different shapes, sizes, and colors – they all basically perform the task of smelling and sneezing. We are definitely not all the same. God made us unique. He made man in His own image! Yet, due to the fact that we grew up in different towns and families, and we’ve all had different experiences, we’re not all going to think exactly the same thing. That’s the glorious part! It means that we can learn from each other! When did we stop agreeing to disagree and still be friends?

I hope that I didn’t offend anyone with this post. If so – Q-TIP! God bless us all, Courtney

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  1. QTIP–that’s new to me–I like it–now if I can remember to use it!!

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