“Be There”

Today, we seem to have a problem with “being there.” I mean – we might “be there” physically, but we’re miles away mentally. Most of the time – we’re on our phones. We don’t like to just sit there and enjoy the moment anymore – not when Candy Crush is waiting. Don’t get me wrong – I’m as guilty as you are. Folks used to attend graduations, weddings, and ballgames – actually watching and participating. Nowadays, many people miss the “big picture” because they are too busy watching it on a tiny screen.

One of the saddest scenes I’ve ever witnessed is a family at a restaurant and the children get yelled at for talking while Mom and Dad are playing games on their phones. Are those children being raised feeling like they are the most important thing in the world to their parents? Will they grow up with low self-esteem? What kind of adults will they be? Will they treat their children the same way that they’re being treated?

Technology is amazing. I mean, I wouldn’t have a blog without the internet, computers, and cell phones. It can be a great way to communicate, but it certainly shouldn’t be our only form of communication. Have you sat in a room with teenagers lately? You won’t have to tell them to quieten down – they’ll all be on their phones. They are losing their abilities to verbally share what’s going on in their lives. I mean, people have been hurt – walking into traffic while on their phone, and killing themselves and/or others – texting while driving. So sad!

How we need to “be there!” We need to be there to listen, to learn, to share ideas, and to teach. Think about it – do you need to close the laptop, turn off the tablet, and put away your phone for a few minutes? Ask your family, “What did you do today?” My wish for you is: May you “be there!” Who knows what you’re missing? God Bless, Courtney

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  2. Love this! And sadly it’s creeping or even running into the worship of the King! Thanks for sharing and the great reminder that verbal communication is so much more important!

    1. Thank you, Emily! Oh, how our children need us to “be there!”

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