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So, I am now married to a “much older” man! Today was Steve’s 60th Birthday! Since our girls can’t come until the weekend, we decided to ask our church family to celebrate the “big event” with us. We just had it announced that anyone who would like to stay for cake and punch was welcome. Around fifty Doniphan Church of Christ family members stayed to wish Steve a “Happy Birthday!” It was so wonderful! The room was full of talk and laughter.

That’s one of the joys of being a member of a local congregation – you have a church family to rejoice when you rejoice and to weep when you weep. They are there to encourage you when you’re down. Visit you when you are sick, and of course – feed you for no reason at all! One of the things that I’m looking forward to in heaven is getting to see church family members that we’ve known through the years. What a reunion that will be!

I’m so thankful for our church family. God Bless, Courtney

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  1. I’m looking forward to the next occasion you and Courtney will have to visit us @ the Bolivar Church of Christ. I’ll never forget the white-water canoeing trip you took me, Brad, and Greg Wood on! Those were fun times!! If only we had seen MORE crop dusters there and back! I think the world of you and your family.

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