A Time to Pray

I’ve been thinking about prayer lately. Have you thought about how amazing it is that we can approach the God, Who made the heavens and the earth and tell Him how our day was! In I Thessalonians 5:17, Paul told the church to “Pray without ceasing.” I didn’t see how that was possible when I was younger. Now, I know that that verse doesn’t mean that we can’t ever talk to anyone else because we have to be praying all the time. It means that we should always be in the frame of mind that we can stop and pray. If you’re angry – it’s hard to pray. If you’re seething with jealousy or plotting revenge – it’s hard to pray. When you’re cussing or taking the Lord’s name in vain – you’re not in the position to pray. We should work on always being in the place mentally, physically, and spiritually where we can stop and pray at any time. We should be consistent in our prayer life.

So, how often do you pray? Do you pray only before a meal or in bed before you go to sleep? Do you pray only at church? Have your children and/or grandchildren heard you bring their names before God’s throne? Do you pray only when someone is sick, having surgery, or has lost a loved one? My Aiden has been taught that when you see an ambulance or a fire truck – you need to say a prayer for “those hurting people.” How awesome is that? I do a lot of my “just a little talk through Jesus” in the car. I find that turning off the radio gives me a wonderful opportunity to ‘pour out my heart unto the Lord” (Psalm 62:8), of course, in this case – I keep my eyes open!

Prayer is the opportunity for us to offer praise to His name. It is the chance to ask for forgiveness of sins and for the things that we need. It is also the opportunity to thank Him for all our blessings. Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of prayer. In Jesus Name, Amen. God Bless, Courtney

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